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Sunday, March 23, 2014

our house updates!

Well, I've been waiting and waiting to post this blog-- before and after pics of our new house!!!!  It has definitely been a labor of love (and a little craziness!), but I am still amazed and so very thankful how the Lord has provided our family with this house.  This is just a few rooms-- the kitchen is still a work in progress :)

View from the dining room into the living room
after lots of paint, taking down paneling, reframing windows (they were rotten)
(still need to work on fireplace-- you can see I have a picture in front of it!)

Living Room pic 2- it's hard to see, but the top half of the windows are gold!
Living Room Before (you can't tell, but there is popcorn texture from the paneling all the way up to the beam on the ceiling-- ick!  and yes, the carpet is blue :) )
and after..... :)

boys room (you can't tell, but that window is yellow bubble glass!)

boys bathroom-- yes, it has carpet--ewww!
Caleb's room (and Nathan's too!)
more pics to come.....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


With the birth of each new child, we've taken a little "family-moon" right before baby arrives.  With Matthew, we went to frisco, had pizza, stayed in a hotel, and then took him to the arboretum the next day.  With Matthew and Joseph, we went to build a bear and then had pizza together.  This time around, we went and had pizza (of course!) on Friday night, stayed in a hotel (wonderful hotel points!), got back to the hotel and watched 101 Dalmations (or 101 Dominations, as Joseph calls it) with some delicious microwave popcorn and orange soda (the ultimate treat for M & J).  Saturday morning we had breakfast and then went to grapevine mills for a little shopping (for mommy :) ), and then went to the rainforest café for lunch.  It was so nice to get away even for a day (there's so much to do at home, this gives us a little break from having to get anything done.)

Here's a few pics from our weekend:
yummy breakfast at the hotel

love this pic! 

cool dudes!

getting to play a game at the mall (real treat!)
Caleb driving the "ice cream" truck

at the rainforest cafe

Caleb at the rainforest café (before he spilled water all over himself!)

our little family

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Keep Thanksgiving Day a Family Day

Turkey Clip ArtI LOVE Thanksgiving.  I love all the cooking and hanging out together.  I love that my boys are excited about being together with family.  I love the traditions and special foods that we only eat once a year...pumpkin pie, jello salad (yes, really!), special stuffing, and oh the cranberry sauce!  And my college roommates could tell you I get very excited about decorating for Christmas....but everything in its own time. 

I have been super disheartened this year to hear more and more stores are open for Thanksgiving.  (some all day, some part of the day).

Why am I so troubled?
1.  Each of these stores have employees who also have families.

2.  Is our consumer-driven culture so money hungry that we can't close our stores for one day?  Is opening at midnight (or 4/5 am) friday morning not enough anymore?

3.  It seems like we're pushing out Thanksgiving altogether and going straight from Halloween to Christmas.  (and what a rich heritage we're missing teaching our children about the sacrifice of the pilgrims)

4.  I'm saddened for what used to be. Is shopping really that important? (and those of you who know me would be shocked I'm saying that!)

5.  Back in the day, if you forgot an ingredient in your massive thanksgiving feast, you just dealt with it (or called your neighbor to see if they had something...but wait, we don't know our neighbors anymore either, but that's for another blog :) ).

I know I will get some different opinions on this-- but I just had to say something.  (and I'm not talking about hospitals, hotels, etc.  I know some people have to work).  Here's a good article I found about it:

What's your thoughts?

Friday, November 1, 2013

family reveal party

With baby #4, we knew we wanted to find a creative way to tell my family what we're having.  Since penguins have been the "theme" for this baby, the boys and I had a blast getting cupcakes ready for the big reveal....

we made these from nutter butters dipped in chocolate.  The tummies are marshmallows, and the beaks are corners of orange starbursts!  So fun!   and then stuck them on top of yummy cupcakes


the announcement was tied on to the
special penguin we bought for baby :)
Matthew learned how to read "boy" and "girl"
 this week-- this is his first reaction!

all the cousins (we'll get a good pic someday!)

It's a boy!!!

Well, I must say that we were quite surprised when we found out that baby #4 is a boy, but we are beyond excited!  Excited that....
-Caleb will have a little best friend (just like Matthew and Joseph have)
-we have plenty of blue :)
-Brett is excited he doesn't have to repaint C's room
-excited that we have the privilege to train and raise (with the Lord's help of course) godly young men who will be fabulous husbands and daddys
 -and yes, I'm already praying that we have wonderful daughter's in law :)
-our only issue is that we have a hard time deciding boy's names!  Very open for suggestions!

Monday, June 10, 2013

our first ER experience.....

We had a very interesting night last night.....the boys and I got back to Nana and Papa's late (Brett was still at the house wrapping things up), and as I was headed for the porch, I hear a blood curdling scream (literally).  Joseph had tripped and hit his head on the first set of brick steps leading up to the porch. I got the key in the door, dropped (gently) Caleb on the floor) and ran for a towel.  (at this point, I didn't know what happened).  Mom and Dad got up, trying to calm the other two down, and I was trying to stop the bleeding and calm Joseph down (which he finally did when I told him he could have some coca cola :).)  So Dad and I headed out to the ER at 11pm.  Long story short, Brett met us there, Dad headed home, and Joseph slept on and off.  The Doctor was amazing, and Joseph got three little stitches, and was promised a prize if he did good (he asked for an electric train (smart boy!), but will get to pick out a movie tomorrow).

One thing that I loved seeing though-- Matthew is a lot like his Daddy-- has the biggest heart in the world.  When Joseph was hurt, Matthew couldn't stand seeing him that way, and did all he could to help.  After we left, Nana found Matthew in the bathroom just crying for his brother.  (which Nana consoled him, and he got to sleep a little later, exhausted).  Love, love, love his big heart.  Can't wait to see how God uses him in the future.

Joseph came out a trooper, and keeps telling people that's it going to heal. :)  Here's a picture of our little man...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prayer Answered: We have a house!

This year has been an absolute blur... we've been working on moving closer to our new church, Brett's school and work (and of course, Nana and Papa), and put our house on the market the first part of february.  Prayer Answered #1: we had a contract on it after only 4 days (it's really because the market is so good- but I'm going to tell myself that it was because it's so cute :)) (but really because the Lord took care of us not having to keep the house clean very long for showings!)  After haggling back and forth, we made the closing date March 12th.  One month to pack things up.  We can find a house in that amount of time...right?
This was my first experience buying a house, and I had no idea that this house buying thing could be so hard.  So after many tears of frustration, we loaded (with the wonderful help of our OVBC SS class) our pod and packed things into storage, and moved to my parents house.
When you're picky like I am, and don't have a ton of money to spend (note: Brett is still in seminary....), it was getting downright frustrating.  We probably looked at 50+ houses.  So many houses that the boys would groan if I drove through a neighborhood or told them we were going to look at homes...again.

Fast forward to the middle of and I saw a house in february (the first one I looked at, ironically), that was about to come back on the market again.  I called (and annoyed) the agent until she told me we could look at the house before it went on the market.  I liked it just fine, and thought we could do some stuff to it to make it a home.  I was headed out of town to spend the weekend with some wonderful friends from college, and asked Brett if he liked it to have our agent put an offer on it. 

So, we're on our way to san antonio, and I'm anxious to hear how Brett liked the house.  I called him, and he said he liked it okay, but that he and my dad saw a different one in the same area that was a good price, and had the layout that we'd been wanting.  So, I asked Brett if we could go ahead and put an offer on the house, and he asked me if I'd lost my mind.  I called the agent and she asked me if I was really sure, (I'm sure she thought I lost my mind as well!) 

So sight unseen (at least by me), we put an offer on this house, only to hear that the seller had received two other bids and was deciding the next day which offer to accept.  I was a basketcase to say the least. Sherri, Amanda, Kristin, and Lacy prayed over the situation with me, and anxiously awaited the news.  (love you girls!) 

Fast forward to saturday...we got the word that they accepted our offer (answered prayer #2!)!!!!  So excited!!!!  We had a great rest of the weekend, and got home on sunday.  Our agent told me the seller had said he would fax over the changes on sunday and the deal would be finalized.

Fast forward to monday....went with the boys to see the house for the first time, and our agent got out of her car, fuming.  The seller had just called to say he wasn't going to accept the offer after all (basically, he wanted it to go into a bidding war.)  Sad day in our house.  I went and looked at the house anyway (hoping that I'd hate it), but I loved it- loved the potential it had, and the layout was great.  So, our agent just said she'd let me know any updates.

I've never prayed harder in my life.  I don't know why, but I really felt that this was the house the Lord had for us.  So I prayed, Brett and I prayed, and we prayed with the boys.  And then....on tuesday morning, our agent called back and told us the seller changed his mind and was going to sell it to us (Answered prayer #3)!  I don't know why, but I firmly believe the Lord changed the seller's heart. After I got the call, I called the boys in there and we prayed together- thanking the Lord for our miracle.  It was really fun telling Papa and Nana our good news when they walked in the door!

Fast forward 2 weeks, and we have now signed on our house, and are making plans to refurbish and update our house-- a little overwhelmed, but so thankful how the Lord has provided!!!  Praise the Lord!